Exterior painting weather is almost here

PicMonkey Collage2It’s that time of year again, and we hope the weather in Edmonton will cooperate with us this year. That time is exterior painting for your home or business. Often times we will quote on an exterior project and then schedule it into our queue. Once we see that the weather has turned for the best, we show up at your place and get ready to do some serious transformations!

Edmonton’s exterior window is between June and September. Before June we typically have periods of heavy wind and rain, and this does not create a good environment to clean, prep, paint, and have the surface dry completely. Our hot, hot, hot, summers are sometimes not the best either. Painting in extreme heat can cause the paint to bubble, and well, a dehydrated team too! After September our evenings and early mornings start to cool. With the coolness comes dampness and that does not help with paint drying and properly adhering to the surface.

Some things to think about when planning for an exterior paint:

1. Is your surface in good condition? Is it damp and is there signs of mold or rust? Damaged surface area is not ideal to paint. You may get one great season as the paint masks what is really going on underneath. This is quite typical for old decks.

2. When was the last time you gave your exterior a good wash? Blue Nile Painting will provide pressure washing. We also sand surfaces too. It’s important to remove debris before apply fresh paint.

3. Did you know you can paint your vinyl and aluminum siding. There are so many great products on the market to deal with almost any exterior surface. Before considering a massive renovation, perhaps a paint job will do the trick.

Now is the time to contact us for a free quote for your exterior. Have a visit to our gallery and check out our exterior projects.

Be well

Sam + Pam

Welcome to our new digs!

It’s been a renovation-in-progress. We have redesigned our website, improved our quoting and invoicing system, and we have been growing so we can provide Edmonton and surrounding area with the best service ever.

We’ve done our research. We realized that it’s a very difficult and sometimes scary proposition to invite strangers into your home and business. This means that there is some disruption to your home and business life.

We make sure that we leave a very light footprint. That means when we work in your home or business we take care to keep things safe and clean. When we are finished painting your space, we return it to you better than before.

As a business, shutting down and compromising your profit is not ideal. As a team we are flexible. We can work after hours and weekends to make sure there is no time wasted.

What’s even more great, is that we provide all these little extras and a finish that will exceed your expectations.

Our hope is that our website provides you with the information you need as a homeowner, a business owner, and a home builder or contractor. The people you see on this website are indeed the people that answer the phone, respond to your email, visit your home for a quote, and show up to turn your space into something beautiful.

Visit us here often. Learn some tricks of the trade, links to resources, and some style ideas.

See you later,

Sam & Pam