Three Gray Colours We Love

It’s true, gray is the new popular colour you will find in a lot of homes. Why? It’s a classic colour and it is also sensible. It’s an update from your traditional beige. It offers a more modern look that can fit into any style or lifestyle.

We also recommend gray as a colour to use for walls if you are painting to sell your residential home, moving in, or renovating.

However, we do know how difficult it can be to choose the right gray. Most people consider the colour to be cool and void of warmth or character. We think the opposite. Choosing the right gray for your space can bring a level of space and coziness at the same time.

We also know that finding the right gray can be tricky. Often times there may be undertones of blue, green, or even purple. There is nothing more disappointing then not loving your space.

As Edmonton painters for residential and commercial spaces, we have been creating beautiful gray spaces for quite some time now and have culled our list to our THREE TOP GRAYS that we know you will love

Gray Owl Benjamin Moore (OC-52)

Gray Owl is an all-out unadorned, approachable colour that pairs beautifully with stainless steel appliances in a modern kitchen; chrome or steel accents, AND any oak that you may be stuck with.

Stonington Gray (HC-170)

Described as a more traditional gray with a stormy mood or look to it. It can have the wet concrete look and depending how you accessorize your space, it can throw a little blue.


Coventry Gray (HC-169)

A beautiful medium gray with a cool undertone. This is definitely not brown/beige in tone and will feel light, fresh and clean.

Finally, once you have narrowed down your selection we always recommend that you visit your paint store and ask for a sample size of paint to test on your walls. When you are testing the colour in your home, be sure to paint different areas in your home where the lighting is different. The colour will show differently depending on the light source in your space and how much.

We are always happy to help you select the right colour for your space. When booking your Free Onsite Estimate be sure to ask us if you need assistance. Book here.

Design Trends for 2015

We took some time today to check out the latest design trends and predictions for 2015. Then, we made our own predictions. You can check out our inspiration board on Pinterest.

Here’s the scoop.

What’s In:

Well, Pantone declared Marsala as the colour of the year for 2015. However, many in the design community are in favour for blue, particularly navy as the choice colour for this year. You can check out more trends at Elle Decor.

We are loving this colour as decor accents, walls, doors, and painted furniture. Will you be adding blue to your decor this year?


Nature has always been an inspiration for all artists. This year is no exception. Be prepared to see Mother Nature taking on a more central and organic role in home decor like wood slabs for tables, mantles, and side tables. We love it painted and left naked!


Metallics have not left, and will they ever? However this year, mixed with gold we will see silver, pewter and bronze. Think frames, accessories and light fixtures. We especially love metallic light fixtures. It adds interest and sparkle to any room, especially against a blue backdrop.


It’s a desert out there! Succulents are popping up as the house plant to have. Not only are they easy to take care of, there are so many varieties you can choose from. It’s a great low maintenance plant for any room.


What’s a room without glamour! We still covet a grand chandelier in any room. This year, why not be adventurous and explore with colour.


What’s Out:

Inspirational phrases tattooed on your walls and other surfaces are out! And we couldn’t be more happier, especially when it comes to painting beautiful walls.

Accent walls, well, are just a nuance. Treat your space like an art gallery and opt for one colour throughout your space to help showcase all your treasures. It’s easy on the eyes and gives you freedom to play up your accent pieces.

Patterns are cool, but no longer are we seeing wallpaper and the mighty chevron print. Instead, we are seeing creative groupings for the wall and more cultural/tribal prints.

Idols be gone. Although we love a beautiful Buddha statue, we feel it needs to be front and centre on an alter in your personal sacred space. Instead, we are adoring nature in all her glory from rocks and crystals, to plants and animal sculptures.

Check out more trends that are on their way out.

What are you trend spotting this year?

Be well,

Sam + Pam



Designing for the Holidays

Kim Ross from Redress Your Home

Meet Kim Ross from ReDress Your Home. She’s a great friend of ours and we were so excited when she decided to launch her own company! Kim has always had a passion for interior spaces and design. Creativity just naturally courses through her veins.

So one morning over some fabulous breakfast at Under the Highwheel, we got to talking. The holiday season is now upon us and I asked Kim what her design strategies are in making your home or office a festive space for family and friends.

Here’s the conversation…between sips of yummy coffee and Remedy Chai!

BNP: Where do you begin in dressing your space for the holidays?

ReDress: The first step to any decorating is to go through what you already have. Does it feed your soul? Do you still love it and use it?

First, purge and donate.

Now you have what you can work with. Next decide what your budget is. Can you add to what you have already?

If you don’t have a budget then use what you have by grouping and creating vignettes rather than spreading them across your whole space.

Great options for the budget conscious are Canadian Tire, and Bouclair.

BNP: How do you discover what your style is?

ReDress: Begin looking at ideas and inspiration. Visit Pinterest and search holiday decor. You will find so many amazing ideas. Also, flip through magazines and visit stores. You will begin to gravitate toward certain styles. The longer your eye rests on something, the more likely it speaks to you.

BNP: What are the trends you are seeing this year?

ReDress: I am so excited to report that teal and limes are trending right now. These colours can work well with purple and red. You will also see coloured and feathered trees making a come back! The de-constructed look is popular too: sculptural branches, whites, minimal decorations.


BNP: What are the essential elements for holiday decor?

ReDress: Really there is no rule. It’s what resonates with you. Perhaps it is a tree,  or maybe stockings. Start with the thing that pops into your mind when you think of Christmas.


BNP: When is the right time to start putting up holiday decorations?

ReDress: Some people will begin after Remembrance day, or the night before Christmas. It depends on your culture and tradition. I like to start on December 1.

BNP: How can ReDress help to style your home or office?

ReDress: Before we even begin, I ask the client to do a little bit of homework. Bring everything you want me to see. We will then go through each item and determine if you love it or not. Next we will discuss the direction based on what you love, recommendations, and budget.

Another option for ReDress is to come to your home to help you get ready for that night of entertaining. Sometimes people want help with creating that special holiday table.

Kim's Holiday Table

Top tips recount:

  • Edit your decorations first: purge + donate.
  • Start with what you love and add if you can or arrange in vignettes throughout your space to get the greatest impact.
  • 2013 trends: coloured and textured trees, whites, teal + lime, and deconstructed decor.
  • Consider your dinning table or entertaining area a place to dress for the holidays.
  • Get decorating with ideas from Pinterest and magazines or contact Kim at Redress.


For any occasion or holiday, drop Kim a line at ReDress and get styling! Follow her on Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Happy Holidays!

Sam + Pam