Transitioning into Spring

Yet again, we at Rachel S no headshotBlue Nile got to meet another extraordinary Edmonton designer. Rachel Schofield is known as the Queen of the 90 minute home makeover and (unofficial) Patron Saint of incredible style. She is an Edmonton interior decorator and home stager. We had Rachel over to our place to help with our bathroom renos and overall design tips. It was worth every minute!

A few weeks ago when warm weather graced us in Edmonton, we began to feel a bit of Spring Fever. Our space felt heavy and dark and we were craving some sunshine and lightness. Was it too soon to begin to de-winterize our place? When is it the right time to transition into the next season and what are the easiest and most effective ways to make an impact in your space?

We picked up the phone and called Rachel. After a very fun and informative chat, we HAD to share what we learned. So here it is, ways to make the leap into the new season.

BNP: Now that the holiday season is over and we are eagerly awaiting Spring, what are some ways we can we begin to prepare our interior space for the changing seasons?

RS: Removing old layers (blankets and pillows) and introducing a new colour is a great way to ease into Spring. You can work with what you already have in your space. Lighten up! Choose lighter colours and lighter fabrics. Change your bedding to white or a floral print. Opt for less bulk as well and change out your pillows.

BNP: Are you still seeing “Winter” trends in January and February? Should we wait before we transition into more of a Spring decor?

RS: We are full on into Spring trends. Although we may still be experiencing sub-zero weather, the key is to follow fashion trends, so Spring is on it’s way.

BNP: What are the Spring trends you are seeing?

RS: The colour we are seeing is Radiant Orchid. It goes well with greens, yellows, and greys. I recommend using this colour as an accent colour like a wallpaper, pillow, fabric, maybe a feature wall. With textures and patterns we have made a shift from stripes into more floral, lace, fringe, and macrame. Wallpaper is also very popular, just do one wall. When thinking furniture think lightness, airiness, glass furniture, mirrored, reflective, and glass doors.

BNP: What are your favourite places to shop and online spaces to visit for inspiration?

RS: I love Jonathan Adler. It’s a great site to gather inspiration and ideas. A place I enjoy to browse and shop is Z Gallerie. I also adore the Celebrity designer collections at Target online.

BNP: What are your design/decor inspirations for 2014?

RS: Do-it -yourself projects! I am committed to trying out some projects this year. I have started a Pinterest Board.

BNP: And finally, we like to share goals. Our goal for this year is expansion. Expansion in our dreams, service, and how we do business. Hopefully a new company van and maybe an office later in the year. What is your goal for 2014?

RS: To introduce decluttering and organzation services. I think it’s a stumbling block to many people creating their perfect home. Once they reduce the clutter it’s a lot easier to see what can and needs to be done. It’s a necessary pre-cursor to a successful design project.

Ready for Spring? We are! Give Rachel a shout and put a spring into your step and your home decor!